Canyoning Verdon

Canyoning frontière Italienne
Canyoning dans la vallée de la Roya
Descente de canyoning dans la vallée de la Roya

TRAINING COURSE : You are between 4 and 8 people, sports and adventurers, we offer courses on several days.

2 to 5 days, depending on your needs, discover the most beautiful courses in the Roya Valley.

From initiation to autonomy in canyon, a unique adventure !!!

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Canyoning in the Roya Valley in the canyon of Audin

The Canyon of Audin is a beautiful canyon just outside of Italy. This course offers a fun area where jumps and slides follow one another in ‘’O’limpide’’ (clear water) without interruption.

The descent of the Audin stream is a great value for any novice and a great canyon to discover what the Roya Valley has to offer.

Located on the Italian border, the meeting spot is located at the entrance of Fanghetto.


Localisation Canyoning ailleurs : Canyon of Audin

You can use map to find your way and calculate your route clicking on the marker. The travel time estimated by Google have to be increased of 20 %, what is equivalent to our small mountain roads.

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