Canyoning Verdon

Canyoning dans les gorges du Verdon
Canyoning dans la clue de Saint Auban
Saut en canyoning dans la clue de Saint Auban
Tobbogan dans le canyon de Saint Auban

Half day trip canyoning, at 40 minutes drive from Castellane.

This route is considered athletic, but does not necessarily require prior experience of the activity.

Obstacles (jumps, slides, zip line, abseiling) follow each other throughout the canyon, making it a fun and aquatic course.

Canyoning in the Verdon in the canyon of Saint Auban

The canyon of Saint-Auban is a sporty and funny canyoning trail of the area, filled with jumps and slides. Located in the municipality of Saint Auban (Alpes Maritimes), it’s about 40 minutes drive from Castellane and the Verdon Gorges.

This is a trail for people in good shape (good physical condition) and confortable in the water.

However, no previous experience of canyoning is required.

If you want to practice a full day of canyoning at an equivalent level to the ‘’clue du Saint Auban’’, please have a look at our canyon trails around Nice canyoning near Nice  or canyoning dans les Alpes Maritimes.

Vidéo Canyoning : Canyon of Saint Auban

Description Canyoning : Canyon of Saint Auban

From the meeting point located alongside a small road, your instructor will organize a shuttle in order to get the group at the start of the trail.

Then, your instructor will give you the equipment necessary to practice canyoning safely. This equipment will consist of a two-pieces neoprene suit (jacket and pants), a pair of neoprene socks, a helmet and a harness equipped with safety lanyards.

After a short walk along the river you will arrive at the starting point of the canyoning trail Saint Auban. Then, you’ll have to listen carefully to the safety instructions given by your instructor before departure.

The rest of the course consists of numerous jumps and slides before arriving to a huge pool at the top of which a zip line of about 30 meters long (almost a 100 feet) will be installed. You will then experience series of jumps, up to 8 meters, and slides up to the end of this canyoning trip.

You will then walk 200 meters to get to the end point where you will find your car.

For the more experienced ones, come and try the Canyon of Lance, canyoning in the Haut Verdon.

To help you spot you localisation, you can use the map below. Find your itinerary by clicking on the cursor.

Localisation Canyoning : Canyon of Saint Auban

You can use map to find your way and calculate your route clicking on the marker. The travel time estimated by Google have to be increased of 20 %, what is equivalent to our small mountain roads.

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