Canyoning Verdon

Terms and conditions of sales of sports activities

1 - Prerequisites for registration

Our activities are open to everybody, subject to respund to the following conditions:

  • Be able to swim and be able to immerse themeselve (for canyoining trip only)
  • Do not be the objet of a medical contraindication for the choosen activity (heart trouble, recent injury, chronic or temporaly handicaps…)

Notice :

  1. Some disabilities or physical problems are not always incompatible with the practice of proposed activities, but it is essential to inform O'limpide at the time of registration. Indeed, the team O'limpide wants to make its activities accessible to as many people and will try to find a solution in these particular situations.
  2. If you are subject of a particular medical treatment (Ventolin, allergy ...) you must bring your medication during the activity and notify your instructor before the start of it.
  • Be in full possession of his means during the activity (do not be under the influence of drink, under the influence narcotics, in state of extreme fatigue …)
  • Minors under 12 must be accompanied by an adult.

Notice :

  1. Minors over 12 are allowed to be unaccompanied. In this case, an adult must first sign a parental consent, and inform O'limpide at the time of registration.
  • Make sure that ALL the people are provided with the necessary equipement (see below « equipment to bring »).

Notice :

  1.  If some participants do not have the required equipment, you must inform O'limpide at the latest the day before the activity to find a solution
  • Be attentive and respect the safety instructions before, during and after the conduct of the activity.

2 - Booking conditions

Whatever the choosen activity,  you must  be listed on the schedules of O'limpide in advance.

To register on the schedules of O'limpide, you have to contact us by phone or by mail to:

  • Choose or confirm together the activity, in line with your level of practice, your physical condition, the conditions (and / or water levels) in the course, and of course your desires.
  • Check availability on our schedule (all courses are not organized every day, and we are always limited by a maximum of participants by instructor).
  • Communicate us your contact information (name, phone numbers, e-mail address).

An email is systematically sent to you with a detailed description of the choosen activity.

Once registered on the O'limpide schedules, to confirm your booking we will ask you :

  • A deposit of 30% by bank transfer.
  • The measurements  (height, weight and shoes size) of each participant, to provide the equipment.
  • The precise location from where you will come to send to you the route to join the meeting place.

A confirmation email is systematically sent to you (confirmation of the choice of activity, date and time of the appointment, confirmation of receipt of your deposit, a reminder of the materials included and equipment to bring with you, the route to get the meeting place).

We will contact you systematically the day before the activity to make a final point set. We will communicate to you the phone number of your guide, to have contact in case of need (problem on the trip, last minute questions ...).

3 - Group booking

The contact person of the group is the one that has made the registration (name and coordinates releases to O'limpide).

This person commit to provide ll the information given by O’limpide to the rest of the group :

  • Prerequisites to registration
  • Date, time and place of the appointment
  • Route to get the meeting place
  • Details and prerequisites conditions about the choosen activity


4 - Equipment


Equipment included

Canyoning :

  • Wetsuit and neoprene socks
  • Helmet
  • Harness
  • Backpack and waterproof box (for full day trip only)

Via ferrata :

  • Helmet
  • Harness

Rock climbing :

  • Helmet
  • Harness
  • Climbing shoes

Equipment to bring :

Canyoning :

  • Running shoes (closed shoes)
  • Swimsuit
  • Sportswear (only for certain activity)
  • Bottle of water
  • Picnic (for full day trip only)

Via ferrata :

  • Running shoes (closed shoes)
  • Sportswear
  • Bottle of water
  • Some food (cereal bars, fruits…)

Rock climbing :

  • Running shoes (closed shoes)
  • Sportswear
  • Bottle of water
  • Some food (cereal bars, fruits…)

5 - Cancellation, modifications, and respect of the established program.

About you :

Cancellation :

Depending on the number of people,choosen activity, and season, any reservation cancellation on your part will result in:

  1. Over than 20 days before the date of activity : refund of 100% of your deposit
  2. Between 20 and 8 days before the date of the activity : partial refund of your deposit
  3. Less than 8 days before the date of activity: No refund of deposit

Modifications :

Modification of choose and/or date of activity :

Depending on the period and availability on our schedules, we will evaluate all the consequences of such changes.

Modifications of number of participants :

  1. If you are more than expected, you must contact us first to check availability on our schedules.
  2. If you are less than expected, you must inform us as soon as possible. Beyond 5 days before the date of the activity (except in special cases), all booked place is due.

Respect of the established program :

For the respect of the rest of the group, and in order to not disrupt the program of other companies, we tolerate a maximum delay of 15 minutes. Beyond 15 minutes late, the guide and the rest of the group will start without you, and no refund will be made (even partial).

About O’limpide :

Cancellation :

It is difficult if not impossible to know with certainty the weather and the conditions and / or water levels in the route in advance. Therefore, if your guide considers that the conditions are not met to ensure the safety of participants, O'limpide reserves the right to cancel the trip, even at the last minute.

In this case, your deposit will be refunded at 100%, and no additional compensation will be payable.

Modifications / Respect of the established program :

Several parameters can cause certain changes:

  1. Weather conditions and / or water level in the course: If your guide considers that the conditions are not met to ensure the safety of participants, it reserves the right to modify the previously established program (different course, different time ...).
    In this case, you will be consulted beforehand, and you can choose to accept or not these changes. In case these changes are right for you, the difference on the price of the course will be refunded and no additional compensation will be payable.
    In the event that these changes do not suit you, the deposit will be refunded at 100%.
  2. Crowd on the course : We have a specific schedule to meet in order to minimize congestion in the course. During the hight season and to guarantee a quality service, it is exceptionally possible to change the appointments. In this case, you will be notified as soon as possible and no refund (except in very specific circumstances) or compensation will be payable.
  3. Prerequisites for registration not respected (on your part): If your guide estimated that for security reasons, one or more participants do not meet the said conditions, it reserves the right to modify the previously established program (especially on the choice of course).
    In this case, any refund is due.

6 - Theft and damage

O'limpide disclaims all liability for loss / theft / damage to personal property, before, during or after the activity.

7 - Certificate

O’limpide commits in the name of all his instructors and ensures that they have the required qualifications to lead all the proposed activities.

8 - Insurance

All our instructors have an individual Insurance Professional Liability. However, it is highly recommended that EVERY participant has an individual insurance in order to be covered in case of accident in the following cases:

  • Accidents and incidents that have no direct relation with activity.

Exemple : road accident, damages (personal or material) caused on others…

  • Accidents or incidents not related to malpractice or failure of equipment

Exemple : Sprained ankle during activity.